GUNLIA is an online platform with creative content that portrays the simple passion for the so called planet Earth.

After several months of crafting and endless sketching I am proud to introduce GUNLIA, a blog officially launched on October of 2016 with the soulful purpose of transforming my passions into something the public can read, watch, and hopefully use as inspiration. This is a platform where people can interact, share their own stories, and help make a more wholesome and interactive society. Here, you will find short stories, interviews, photos, and wide variety of content covering different places around the world, people who wish to be voiced and causes that must be heard. By starting small, I want to slowly build a massive community where everyone can contribute- in their own way- to the betterment of the world.

MISSION: There are endless amounts of brands out there who strive to compete and create a name for themselves. Well, GUNLIA is more than that. Each project is motivated by the desire to make a change and affect people in a positive way. I intend to open people’s eyes to the world they live in by sharing topics I am passionate about, and creating a more humane community.

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