Polyhymnia 002

A poem…



That’s what I told myself as you stared at me with those ocean eyes;

You looked into my being and through the waves of your smile you connected every shore of my soul.

Breathe- I whispered-

As I felt your hands perfectly lock onto my waist like the sun

does when it peaks between the mountains.

I felt equally warm and brisk like there was a shiver crawling

up my spine trying to break the heat produced by my

bounding heartbeat.



It didn’t make sense anymore.

Our bodies were intertwined and our respiration united.

I was no longer an independent entity-

I united with your continent to create one, single world.



I opened my eyes and woke to reality:

My body laying in the darkness of the night, sinking into the

sheets where we both once laid.

You were gone, and I…


…I was lost in the oblivion of love.



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