A message I wrote to the world on November 9, 2016:

What should have been a day of victory and celebration was instead a day of despair, division, disappointment and hate. Today, we have witnessed a patronized and idealized country shatter to pieces and reveal its true colors. Shock was printed on everyone’s faces as Donald Trump destroyed all poll predictions and won the presidency of the United States with 276 electoral votes. This day will be marked for history, and it was an outstanding night for Republicans. However, no matter who won the presidency or what your political views are, know that this is more than just a fight between candidates, between Trump and Hillary or Republicans and Democrats. Today we are fighting against ourselves.

This day served to open our eyes to the division that is actually present in this country. It showed us the ignorance, the disrespect and the prejudice that is strongly living among us and that people so desperately try to ignore. This day is just another consequence of all the war that currently exists in America and throughout the rest of the nation. It is the 21st century and we are living in a place where people are filled with hate, ignorance, racism, sexism, egotism, prejudice and corruption. It is unfortunate, yet it is the truth.

There are still terrible days ahead of us, but there will be great ones too. So many Americans have thrown their votes to waste because they believed their voice was not strong enough to be heard, strong enough to make a difference. It is disappointing to know that over 14 thousand people have voted for harambe- a dead gorilla- and there were thousands more that made stupidly similar choices. However, I am not here to judge anyone for the choices they have made or spread more hate in a world already abundant of such. I came here to tell every single one of you that this is just the beginning.

We cannot change the past but we can certainly shape our future. Know that this is not the end of the world and there are countries in worse situations than America currently is. So, instead of mourning over the presidential outcome, turn this misfortune into something positive. Stop throwing hate, harassing individuals and pointing fingers. Yes, the world is in complete chaos right now, but we can only progress if we genuinely fight for it. Even though it will be challenging, this is our chance to make a change. So, keep your head up, try not to lose hope and lets fight not only for the progress of America, but that of the rest of the world!


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