Polyhymnia: A Series

Hello everyone!

Throughout the past year, I have started a few personal writings- drafts of my feelings, thoughts, experiences and imagination. And, as of today, I decided I will compile my writings into a series: Polyhymnia. This name has derived from the Greek goddess and Muse of Sacred Music who inspired the development of liberal and fine arts in ancient Greece. Polyhymnia is also associated with meditation and deep thought, and she became extremely influential among poets, dramatists, authors and me.

So, without further ado, I introduce you to: Polyhymnia 001



What are we really? We are so minuscule compared to the entire universe, compared to the entire galaxy. We think of ourselves as grand and powerful but in reality, we are nothing. We are as small as that tiny particle no one really sees; we are that fading ray of light that is no more than a reflection of everything else that is out there; we are that trifling leaf that flew away once it was kissed by the wind; we are that fading park of light in the sky that we like to call star just to add some sort of nonexistent significance to it. We, us, humans: we are nothing.

You know when you feel something in your eye and it seems like it is so massive it will make you blind? Then, when you finally put it into perspective, you realize how idiotically small it was? Well, that is us in proportion to the earth, and the earth in proportion to the universe, and so far as the universe in proportion to the galaxy. We fail to realize how infinitely microscopic we are because it is terrifying. We fear the unknown, the idea of powerlessness, of reality, of death and of life even. So, we create things. We create religion, myths, heaven and hell; we create stories, theories, music, more religion, money, power, hate, self-destruction, and competition; we create everything we deem as real- we create life. Our fear is so uncontrollable and unfathomable that we grow in the constant cycle of creating, evolving, revolutionizing and doing everything imaginably possible to abate this void- the void that actually makes us who we are. We often forget that the beauty of it all is in this powerlessness that we constantly fear. It is terrifying, but it is also mysteriously tantalizing.

Yes, we are that leaf that flew away; we are that source of light in the middle of thousands of other sources of light within the complexity of darkness; we are the tiny particles in the air and the pointless dirt in the eye; we are nothing, but we are also something.


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